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Las Vegas, NV
January 8 - 11, 2013
Planning your PR efforts for CES? Use an EventTrak report to target the right people and make a splash.
The full CES report includes:
  • A complete list of coverage from last year's event
  • A complete list of authors who've covered the event before, including contact information
  • A post-event recap of this year's event coverage
  • Special reports on 3D, Gaming, Apps, Ultra HD, Tablets, Smart TV, Windows 8, Mobile Phones / Smart Phones, 2nd Screen, Jelly Bean, iOS6, and DSLR
  • A month of access to ITDatabase ($300 value), included at no additional cost.
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You can purchase this report as a standalone ($150) or as part of an Online Press Kit for CES.

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Author Lists
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 Authors who covered CES this year
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 Articles about CES last year
 Articles about CES this year